Diamonds are made from coal under pressure, so is excellent character and a strong will created out of unfortunate experiences when the choice is made to learn and make new choices responsibly.




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How Sarah's Tent Began   

In March of 1997, while searching the Internet for something that would be specifically for Pastors' and Ministers' Wives in the way of chats, bulletin boards, or . . . something, an amazing thing took place that forever changed my life and the life of countless other ministry women and pastors' wives.

 As a wife we often fall between the cracks, have hurts and struggles and unrealistic expectations put upon us that only another pastor's wife could understand and other women would never dream of! There HAD to be something 'out there' that would meet this aching need. Alas, my search was in vain. At that time, it was almost impossible to find anything that offered what my heart yearned for.

That was when "Sarah's Tent" was birthed. While visiting a Christian women's chat room, I started to chat with another pastor's wife.  We had such a wonderful time laughing and sharing, we hated to keep it to ourselves.  Soon another 'pw' joined our conversation, and then another.  Before we knew it, we went from two to twenty, and from twenty to two hundred, and from two hundred to four hundred.  The growth was incredible!

Only God could have caused something to grow so fast and in such a wonderful way! Sarah's Tent has had the pleasure of  serving pastors' wives and ladies in the ministry all over the United States and in other countries! By offering a loving touch and learning to laugh at the 'uglies' we've found our own healing and been blessed to see hope once again fill the hearts of our sisters in ministry. 

Sarah's Tent is: "A ministry devoted to gathering together God's silent warriors, the wives of pastors and ministers of all denominations and cultural backgrounds, as well as their families, for fellowship, support, laughter and prayer. 
Isa 51:1-2
/ Isa 54:2-3 / Heb 10:24-25"


Sarah's Tent (Est. 1997)
Living Stones Center
Broomfield, CO  80020-4801




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