The very thing that caused you to click on this link,
is the same thing that you will need to act on your dream! (yes, its that simple)

In every great dream is a great Goliath of fear.  People will say that you can't do it, words
that were spoken to you in your past will discourage you - or you will think that you don't have enough
education, or money, or time, or ....

All of those fears and doubts are just like that short sentence that told you not to click on the link.
Do it anyway!  See what is on the other side.  Let your curiosity drive your dream.

Worrying about whether you fail - is like worrying if you will ever make a mistake.  Of course you will!
Change the way you look at failure.  Failure and mistakes are nothing more than research -- Now you know
what won't work!  Take the next step - find out what will work!

Success comes by continuously walking forward in your dream.  If you do nothing - you will get nothing,
and that is the greatest failure of all.

You have a gift.  You have skills and talents that many of us do not have. You rob us when you do not embrace
all that you are and express your dream to the fullest. 

A woman told me recently that she was terrified of pursuing her dream because she felt that if she talked about
it - let alone expressed it, she would be laughed at and her dream would be stolen.  How sad. Little had she
realized that her dream had already been stolen - not just from her, but from the rest of us because she
chose to believe the negative.

Dare to believe.  Dream it ... and do it! 

The world awaits your gift of life ...

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