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We Have Hope and a Future

In India, widows are looked down upon as disgraceful, unlucky--even cursed.  When a couple marries, the woman "divorces" her family and lives with her husbands family.  Once the husband dies, relatives take away all of the property, sell it and divide the profits.  They often leave the wife and the children with nothing.  They are left on their own, living sad lives of destitution and poverty.  Many widows turn to street begging or prostitution to support their families.  Even then, widows are not allowed to attend their own children's weddings because the are so despised in Hindu society.

Ruth Singson, through co-operative churches and the Widows Welfare Association, is breaking down the barriers between these poor women and the rest of society.

A widows' home better ministers to the women's needs.  This place will serve as a worship center, as well as a shelter to rescue widow and orphans.  At this prototype home, widows are taught ways to support themselves financially through vocational training.

Ruth Singson, Director