Diamonds are made from coal under pressure, so is excellent character and a strong will created out of unfortunate experiences when the choice is made to learn and make new choices responsibly.




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Joy in the Kitchen
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Imagine sitting at the kitchen table of a dear friend, talking, sharing, laughing and receiving encouragement to continue with your goals and dreams. Joy in the Kitchen was created with that thought in mind.  Something special happens when good friends sit together around the kitchen table and have enjoyable conversation and heart-to-heart talks.

It is this setting of fellowship and companionship that hearts are encouraged and bruised souls can mend.  Mentoring and encouraging through the written word, we hope to stir conversations around your kitchen table!

The heart of the JITK newsletter is to provide you with just that.  Just like you, this newsletter has grown through the years, had its good days and its bad days.

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Coming up for 2008

Heeding The Call (download a free sample)
The first quickening moments when you realize, "It's time"

Misinterpreting The Call
Understanding the difference of recognizing your call, and misinterpreting it as something else.

Protecting The Call

Its precious and Holy. How do we keep from getting in the way - or from allowing other people and things to get in the way?

Defining The Call

What it is and what it is not.

Facilitating The Call

Gathering together wise counsel and effective resources

Stewardship of The Call

Utilizing resources effectively and with accountability.

Worshipping The Call Giver

Releasing ownership to the One Who Called you in the first place - HE will see it through.

Balancing The Call

When to work and when to play and when to rest and the sign posts tell it all.

Recognizing Provision for The Call

Recognizing unexpected resources - not discounting the unfamiliar.

Releasing The Call

The Call has no room for competition. It serves a specific place and purpose.

Enjoying The Call

There are rewards to giving in to the Call - even in trials where character and courage are built.

Reproducing The Call

Mentoring those with like passion and supporting those who have differing passions. Give and it shall be given unto you.



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